Gibbon Classic Slackline with Tree Pro 49ft
Gibbon Slacklines

Gibbon Classic Slackline with Tree Pro 49ft

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GIBBON compliments these sets with the developed TREEPRO tree protection. All TREEPRO EDITION therefore not just fulfill the requirements of the German industry norms (TÜV/DIN), but also coincide with the high quality standards of GIBBON.

They are probably the first sets on the market that offer everything needed for experiencing slacklining in a safe and easy way.

The updated version of the best slackline in the world ideal for all ability levels. The classic line is easy to handle and very durable. It is ideal for use in sport gyms and any training environment. Rat Pad ratchet cover included with set.

  • Length: 49ft/17.5m (Classic Line)

  • Strength: 40kN

  • TreePro comes with tree and line protection

  • Meets the German TUV standard for safety and quality assurance

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